स्मिता गोंदकरने शेअर केली एक खास जुनी आठवण

स्मिता गोंदकरही ही ‘स्टंट मेनिया’ या स्टंट शोमध्ये दिसली होती. या शोमध्ये स्मिता ही एकापेक्षा एक स्टंट करताना दिसली होती. विशेषकरून तिचे या शोमधील एकापेक्षा एक बाईक स्टंट पाहायला मिळतात. या शोची खास आठवण स्मिताने शेअर केली आहे.

स्मिताने इंस्टाग्रामवर एक व्हिडिओ पोस्ट केला आहे . तिने पोस्ट केलेल्या या व्हिडीओत ती बाईक स्टंट करताना दिसतेय. 40व्या मजल्यावरून बाईक घेऊन हार्नेसच्या सहाय्याने खाली उतरतानाचा हा स्टंट आहे. ही खास आठवण तिने सोशल मिडीयावर शेअर केली आहे.

मराठी चित्रपटांसह स्मिता ही बिग बॉस मराठीच्या पहिल्या पर्वातही झळकली होती. या शोमध्येही स्पर्धक म्हणून स्मिताला चाहत्यांची पसंती मिळाली होती.या शोमध्ये ती तिसऱ्या क्रमांकाची स्पर्धक ठरली होती.


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#FlashbackMemories.. See what I came across on the internet. I remember some of you have been insisting me to post my riding videos so thought I could share some moments from MTv's Stunt Mania season 1.. We were 12 contestants, 8 boys and 4 girls and this one was a survival stunt in episode 2 where all girls insisted on doing the next survival stunt, not knowing what we all were getting into.. What a feeling to be hanging on a bike from the 40th floor of a building in Powai.. The view was beautiful and i could see powai lake and that part of mumbai.. The task was about how fast our reflexes work. Once we hear a GO, with the free fall happening, we were supposed to start the bike as quick as possible. Challenges being the Gravitational force working on your body and Height working on our minds.. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this one.. My sky diving experience from the past was surely helpful that day and kept me calm unlike few contestants who developed blood pressure issues from that height.. we all were checked by doctors before getting on the bike and were allowed only after our bp got into limits. As I remember, I had clocked 2.7secs in this task.. These moments I will always cherish in my life.. Finally this was the moment on day 2, when my team Red Acid was proud of me to be in their team and decided to take me seriously. We all 3 were the only team intact till the end and managed to reach the semifinal round, competing individually against each other along with 1 more rider. Way to go #RedAcid.. we rocked it👍🏼 #MajorThrowback @mtvindia . . PS – These stunts are performed under professional supervision.. Please do not try it anywhere else. . . #Throwback #Bike #Stunt #StuntMania #Rider #Ride #BikeStunt #Professional #BikeLove #BikeRide #Biking #Rider #travel #Roadtrips #Actress #MarathiActress #Bollywood #TV #MTV #memories #BB #Biggboss #Biggbossmarathi #SmitaGondkar #Smittens

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